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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Lol. well I was in my friends pool with alot of friends playing macro polo, i was it, heard a sound, went over, TOUCHED, one of my best friends in his area, i could feel my self gettin' hard, and he was also, but i was so embarrassed he was like WTF DUDE, but yeh. later that day we were going back into our tents (my friend had a three day long sleep over/pool party) and he came in when i was naked and goes; "about this after noon" he looked up and saw me and goes.. "OMG I'm so sorry" (we shared a tent) I go. "its okay" and turned around... and continued to get dressed all embarrassed but yah. Ever since then I've had wet dreams about doing him and what not. Thats how I found out im bi.
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