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Originally Posted by redcar
all these governemt types have pros and cons, but the world we are living in democracy is the only fair one.

however i am of the opinion, and i agree with Kolte here, that communisim, in theory, is the most fair. everyone is equal, no one is above anyone else. its sad to say though that there is no communism model that can be seen in the world that works in reality.
Marx created his 'ideal' governmnet for a country like france or germany originally.
When the USSR became the poster child for communism, they changed it quite a bit.
the original Marxism government theory has yet to be tested, perhpas because the USSR destryoed its reputation.
or rather, because, once the USSR adopted it, we reolized that even though it was a great idea, it was impossible.
demmocrcy offers so much to the majority.
communism offers only to the government.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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