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Originally Posted by ScrewedMind
I hope all of u die in the lake of fire deep in the depths of SATANS kingdom where you wll be tortured. Im back and theres notin you can do to stop me. im very very alive and stronger than ever...dont you dare sign my intro if u dont have ne thing mean to say and dont eva disrespect me or my master...I have finally melted and blossumed into a raging fire.................haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
things about me:
fav color:black, red
hated colr:blue and uhhh pink and most definetley white
religion: SATANISM
hobbies: cutting, slicing, shredding, spliting, torture
most fav day: hate day on june 6
born: in hell
live: in the realms of my dark lord
satus: single
hair color: black
eye color: red
peircings: 3 in toungue, 9 in left ear, 1 in nose, 2 in stomach, 1 in penus, 4 in lip, 1 in nail, 2 in nipples
tattos: satan on penus
fav place: hell
so let me get this right ur all siked about getting a new sn on vt just wow
oh ya lollpop he did spell penis rong lol dumb ass
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