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Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Could you give us a little bit more information? Does your penis hurt when this happens? What do you think it is? Have you gotten any cuts? Did you masturbate and this happen or did you just get erect and then it starts happening? How much is it?
What kind of green is it? Is it the left or right side of this smiley:
Or bright like this one: or even lighter and clear, like precum mixed with it.

Do you eat anything that might cause this? Please tell us.
Sincerely, Zack
Nop my penis doesn't hurt....i have no idea what it is. I always get cuts down there...i only masturbate like once every 2 weeks or something...and when i get erected's not that green it's a light green...and it is mixed with precum......ill problaby go to the doctor tomorrow...or another day...
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