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In my opinion, the media was stupid for saying anything about this - or rather was stupid for making it so serious. Now, every parent that has heard about it thinks it's a horrible site meant to "get" their children, any higher-up school staff members are now trying to prevent access to it at school, and any "predators" that now exist are there because the media told them exactly what to do...

I'm not sure if my parents have heard about it or not, but I know that my school's proxy now blocks the website and if anyone is caught trying to access the website, they will get either suspended or expelled depending on what URL they were using (either to the home page or to a certain member's profile). Now, since the media made a huge deal over one case, every pedophile predator now has an account there and knows exactly what to do and what to say to get someone. I mean, the media has elaborated so much on every detail that anyone could fake anything without any experience or know-how, so this basically means the amount of predators on that website quadrupled... -_-

The website is pretty much just the same as instant messaging. You have a profile, you have buddies. You can send messages about whatever you want, and you can also befriend/ignore whoever you want. It's no worse and no better than instant messaging (or the internet in general).

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