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Default Re: All Writers Collaboration Thread! (The AWC Thread)

The man closed his eyes, shuddering. That retched woman, he thought allowed, turning on his foot and making his way into a lobby of sorts. An assortment of chairs and couches gave a false since of hominess but the metallic floors and florescent lighting cast an eerie, slightly disgruntled since about the place. The man sat himself in a chair opposite a balding, aging fellow dressed in a jumpsuite that looked deceivingly like pajamas.

“Hello Alfred,” the pianist mumbled. Alfred looked up at him and his mouth eased open, a string of spit tracing the edges of his lips.

“What do you want,” Alfred stammered, sounding drowsy.

ooc(( I think we should do this like a roleplay, each of us getting a character. I choose Alfred should we do it like that, and you can be the pianist. If we do it like that, then I apologize for power playing your charrie))ooc

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