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Default All Writers Collaboration Thread! (The AWC Thread)

Ok, here's the deal. I will start off a story, then you write another section following up on the previous section.
This is for mature people who are willing to take up a challenge, for this is not one of those "Write two sentences and that's it" things, actually write a section, like a paragraph, two at most. Keep it intelligent, keep it provocative, keep it fun. Let's see how far we can get the story, and maybe I'll make this a regular thing, making different themes and such.
Remember this motto! "Writing is mind travelling, destination unknown."
Meaning, a writer intends on writing something, but as you write your ideas and methods of conveying change!

"One who cannot reason to good, cannot reason to evil, either."
Classical piano echoed through the halls of the facility. Loud speakers blared the key strokes, making a sweet, sweet melody echo in the air. A man sat at a grand piano, pounding away furiously, creating musical melody that could soothe even a pack of ravenous hounds. His head, crooked over the keys, throwing his shaved head back and forth with each climactic stroke.

Then the screaming begins...

A sudden stop. The music fades from the facility.

The sound of boots on metal, an unmistakably cold rhythm. The door screams with anguish as it was forced open. As it hushed its own pain, another shriek of anguish wrang out. A flickering light struggled to stay lit in the small room, padded wall to wall. "Hush! Hush!" The man beckoned the woman bound in a straight jacket. The door squealed shut, slamming closed.

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