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Default Re: Replying to Threads

Quick reply is suppose to benefit everyone in that it is quick. This is why we have the quick reply box enabled - otherwise, we could turn it off to improve performance. Activating the quick reply box is the part that I'm asking everyone to try to do differently: just click the "Quick" button in the post you want to reply to rather than just the top or bottom post everytime. This lets vBulletin (as well as other users) know who you are replying to without a doubt. If you're replying to the last poster, then by all means, you can simply click the last "Quick" button and it will still get the point through. When you want to preview what you've wrote, all you have to do is hit Go Advanced. If you don't want to preview, then all you do is hit Post Quick Reply.

If you reply using the "Post Reply" then you don't even have to worry about changing anything, as there's only one way you can reply using that.

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