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Default Re: if you were president....

im alittle late but i'll answer them all now
Originally Posted by James
Teens are getting involved in crime more and more often these days. Why do you think this is and what would you do to help it?
i think this is because of our increasing need to shun bad language and sexual materials. since we made it illegal to smoke pot, the crimes and abuses of the material has skyrocketed. also this heightened need for censorship has caused kids to go out of their way to act like the way that is taboo, as a rebelion. so inorder to stop this rebelion we must lighten censorship and make drugs more legal.

[qoute="James"]Is the education system in your school doing enough for you, such as teaching you subjects of use, and doing enough work to help you, or is it failing?[/quote]

i do not feel that the system is not working. i am getting the classes i should but there are people in these classes that shouldnt. also the schools practise appesment on the african american students but acctually expect more of the cacasion. i thing this is wrong. the students should be treated the same. if a student is suspended for fighing 5 times he should be expelled. not slapped on the wrists and said now you say your sorry. also because of this my school will not allow freshmen into classes some of us are capable of taking.

[qoute="James"]Do you think that teens who date each other don't have enough places to date (ie. cinemas ect), or is there too much. What would you do in your particular area? [/quote]

i think its not a matter about where they go but really what they do. teens no matter what will find a cafe or a cinema or a park, ect. but when they finish there they mostly go back to eachothers houses and make out or have sex. teen sex is not bad. but most teens are givin wrong veiws on what sex is thanks to media and adults. as a country we worked towards respecting blacks and women but in the prtrayals of blacks and women in music videos and movies is appaling. we need to change the information they recieve. the "equipment" they get {i.e. free condoms and a bigger budget for advertising absinince and safe sex on commercials)

these are my views. i hope you vote for me, Max Boognish for you next vt president

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