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Default Re: Big Puberty Question

Originally Posted by Potterfile1991
This thread makes me feel better. I started at about 13 1/2. First sign was testicle growth (I am pretty satisfied with their size). Now I got some leg hair that you have to be a bit close to see, looking very closely a couple white whiskers, a couple tiny white hairs on my pits (they weren't there until puberty started), and pubes that you need to be a bit close to see (I'd estimate about 40 hairs, maybe a bit lower or a bit higher). Plus my voice is going a bit whack on me.
Man arent you lucky im 14 and i havent had any sign of my testicles getting larger... ive been growing pubic hair and thats about it... no voice cracking nothing, im slow developing and a bit late if you ask me... and anywho your brother might b bigger than u but thats because he developed faster.... my brother was about 12 when he hit puberty hes 16 now and fully developed and god does it make me mad... i blame my fatshit dad for it lol... hes the reason i got a gut i bet hes the reason i have late developin....


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