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Default Re: Replying to Threads

Thank you. I'm glad to see that you're so concerned for the forum. Though all I have said was never meant to manipulate anyone. I have asked a simple request of everyone. No one could understand anything. I also said that this was complicated in terms of it was not actually complicated. In no way did I ever say I was smarter than everyone. It's clicking a little button for Heaven's sake... In all my other posts I use smilies to convey emotion and in that last post, I felt awkward having to explain something for the fourth time. It's really not that hard to understand. I'm not defending nor attacking anyone or anything here, I'm just asking. I'm sorry if I offended you by saying thank you, and I don't see why you would call me nasty and try to diminish my morale...

Anyway, this isn't a flame so please don't take it as such. We try to keep a tight community here, so your opinions and thoughts are welcome, just don't make an attack out of them.

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