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Originally Posted by
do you mean tebagged - as in licked your balls or de bagged-took your trousers down

I belive he means teabagged, you can look that up on wikipedia if you want

This really has nothing to do with puberty, but I'm not sure where it should go.

Now calm down. Your life is not over. Some in your situation might think life is over because they had no body to go to at the time. Like koler said, it's rape. I can see why you're scared. Do not invite these people over again, or anytime soon. I would go to school, but try to avoid these kids. If you can't avoid them, and if they talk to you, just talk to them right back. Since this is a group, they might gang up on you. If you have a friend then keep close him/her. It's truely safer if you have someone right by you. They can't do anything at school unless they gets you in the bathroom. This doesn't mean don't go to the bathroom for the entire day. If this happenes again, expecially at school, report them or whoever did it, to the principal. Tell your principal about what happened at school AND home. If they don't do anything at school, when mom gets back tell her what happened. No need to jump on the police. Mom would do that if she finds it neccicary.

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