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Unhappy Familiar Faces

Familiar Faces

You look around for some one to console you.
You look to the sky and to the scriptures before you.
You try to find your faith in humanity
but all is lost.

Eyes of loved ones are the same as strangers.
It is right in front of you, but you overlook the dangers.
You try to find that last glimmer of hope
but all is lost.

You have the questions, but it’s the answers you seek.
Your pain is beyond words, they have cut you too deep.
You try to find someone of whom you can trust
but all is lost.

You crave the attention of all that surrounds you.
Your attempts are in vain, they all ignore you.
You try to find yourself
but all is lost.

I sit here crying, inside im dead, frozen stiff, and full of dread.
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