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Default Re: Replying to Threads

I'm sorry Kiros, but I’m still not getting it.
I'm in linear mode. To post I simply click the Post Reply button on either the top or the bottom of the page. But now I must click the 1 to go to the beginning page only to press the same button? How much do you see in that admin chair of yours?

Now you're saying that just because we have software, we should use it. Some might like this idea of hybrid mode, but I frankly don't get the big deal about it. I think it's good that you pointed this option out as alot of us are getting used to vBulletin and some new members are getting used to posting in a forum. If hybrid mode became popular, then what about linear? It's not a popularity contest and people fool around with computers all the time. They would find hybrid or maybe even threaded mode and like it better.
Can't I just do what I regularly do? At the end page, let's say 3, I just click Post Reply at the bottom. And when I want to reply to what another member said, can I just click quote or just mention their name if it was the last post?

A couple more things:
I really don't get the idea of a Quick Reply. It's probably going to take the same amount of time exept I can't preview my post without going advanced. If I use that Post Reply button then I'd just automatically go advanced.

And lastly,
Originally Posted by Kiros72
To the people that can actually carry out this complicated series of tasks, I truly thank you.
You or another member is probably going to get all over my butt for this, but that sounded kind of sarcastic. You had all of these smiles in your other posts and then just got...nasty at the end. You would thank us for accessing a little bit of software? And you also said that it was simple. Then you go ahead and say complicated, italicized. It's like you're acting like you're smarter than we are. It just sounded nasty. I don't want to sound like Activate at this link:
I don't want to sound horrible and ruin my reputation with you Kiros, but I can almost feel some member sinking back into their seat feeling bad and swearing to themselves that they'll never do it again. I kind of feel manipulated myself

Some of these things probably make perfect sense to you and maybe you're just frustrated that nobody's getting it so you say something that to put this whole thing behind you and you'll never have to think about it again.
I'm sorry if I’m not getting it and I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds like one giant peice of spam. I really am
I've been kind of out of sorts with myself lately and I feel insecure about posting this.
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