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Default late bloomer lookin for help

foudn out about this site last night and i need some reassurance. I am 16 almost 17 yrs old. I am able to ejac a full amount of semen, I have very fine mustache hair growingbut not at a constant shave rate, full pit hair, full pubic hair, leg hair, my voice has changed, I have a 5" penis while erect and about 2 1/2" when soft, it's also kinda thin too. Im at little nervous its sucks because with tweeter liek that i cant show a girl/ be next to someone in the urinal.... I need some reassurance and an estimate to when this is going to end! I started probably around 13 yrs old and is still been going on (frustrated!) When am i going to catch up fully to the rest of my class plz i need reassurance!
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