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Recently, I've seen a problem with posting... Members will read through all of the posts, and then click the quick-reply button on the last post to use the quick reply. You should not do this unless this is the post you are replying to. If you are replying to the main topic, press the quick-reply (or the reply) button in that post. This makes viewing and processing threads/posts easier and more understandable. I encourage all of you to look change your display mode to Hybrid Mode rather than Linear because of this new aspect. This will show you what I'm talking about.

So if all of you would please do this, it would help us all out: Just read through the thread and think about what post you would like to reply and/or add-on to. Then, simply click the reply/quick-reply button in that post.

I will try to develop a "tips and tricks" kind of guide for using this new forum in the future and I will revise and add this part into it. Please be patient for this, as I still have a lot to do (include the Avant Browser Guide).

Note: This thread will remain a sticky for only one month (probably less).

Thank you all

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