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Default Re: Brokeback Mountain

1-What do you think Brokeback Mountain is about?:
Its about a secret love between two ranchers during the summer of 1963. Its about there secret love of over 20 years. It shows that homosexuals are people to, that are no different then you or I. Its an all around good movie.

2-Have you seen it?:
I saw it day before yesterday, it was truly great.

3-Want to see it?
All ready saw it

4-What have you heard about it from other people or reviews?
I've heard mixed reviews, some good some bad. Some homophobes really distrubed, open minded folk really happy.

5-Have any questions about it?
not really.

6-If you have seen it, what do you think about it?
really good.

I thought that the acting was grade A by the wife of so blonde guy.
second to none.

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