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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

uhhhh. a year? something like that, hasnt been on my mind.

personally its an immature action, which I got caught up in, yet we mature and grow up, since the world revolves if we dont or do self harm, the majority of people dont understand nore care, and I want about to whine about my life which I took for granted, So now, im a intense trauma medic in iraq dealing with civilians and combatants which want to grab and never let go of life, and I help them, and alot of them do die infront of me and my workforce, death is so understated here back in the media.

I still can't be bothered to help myself, I don't think I really will, but I fill myself with happiness when I can heal others who don't want to die, yet are condemned to death with terrible lacerations, bullet holes, blown off limbs.
I think everyone here should stop thinking about moi, and more about people who want to live and what we can offer them.

Im not here to offend you, if you take offence from this and think ahhh he doesnt know what its like, I grew up in the bottom of the sesspool of life, with the degenerates and criminals, my family is meh, no idea where. Yet I pulled myself away from there and actually quite content with everything ^^
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