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Originally Posted by c0mpu73rfr34k
Okay. so im pretty sure I have varicocele. It is a backup of blood in my testicular veins, which cause my veins to dilate. This is usually harmless, but it is causing my left testicle to shrink due to lack of blood.. I don't really want to tell my parents, but any ideas on how I can bring it up?

PS. The success rate of surgery for this is about 70% that i will produce more sperm and my testicle will increease in size.
dude, why are you so sure that there is somthing wrong with you?
how old are you?
jesus christ let yourself grow.
give yourself some room
your gonna fucking die from stress.
you think you have testicular cancer.
then this.
then that.
its like...........dude....stop trippen.
if you feel so weird, next time you go to your dr. for a physical *which you should have every cuple years*
just bring it up.
but other then that stop trippen out.

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