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Default Re: please respond!!

We actually don't have nearly as much power as some people think. I have a mod control panel, and from it, I can add announcements, edit/remove those announcements, and check IP addresses. On threads in the Puberty forum, I can close, open, edit, delete, stick, merge with another, and remove "moved" redirects. On posts inside threads in the Puberty forum, I can merge, move, delete, undelete, approve, and unapprove. I have no real power over members, but can send official warnings if necessary, which include a report to the admins. Outside of the Puberty forum, I am a regular member.

I'm not complaining though. I remember within a few days of joining VT, I wanted to become a mod, so I read up, and it said be consistently mature and helpful, so I did intentionally. When the opportunity arose to apply to be a mod, I was quick to respond.


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