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Originally Posted by Potterfile1991
Lol, there's a book called "Why Do Men Have Nipples? And Other Questions You'd Ask a Doctor Only After Your Third Martini".

It's something like in the womb, all fetuses, babies, embryos, whatever, are girls up until a certain point. Then sometimes mail chromosomes kick in and the fetus grows a penis, testicles, etc. And so, since the fetus always starts out as a girl, it grows nipples, which girls need, of course, for their breasts that they grow in puberty. So there's your answer.

Nipples suck.
ssorry just to point out that actually we wernt all girls at some point.

when in the womb we had a bit of skin where the genetailia are this turns into a penis (when make hormones kik in) or a clitorus when female hormones kik in
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