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why is it that sex is allowed at 16, but you cant buy a dildo or vibrator till your 18? WTF is that alla bout? I mean, isn't masturbation supposed to be about relieving sexual tension etc.???

Originally Posted by Sugar.Candii View Post
Am I like the only person who doesnt masturbate by fingering?
No I just rub the clit

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I'm not too sure on that. I wouldn't really advise anything outside of personal water-based lubricant as other stuff can harm the pH balance. If the hand cream is scented or contains parfume then I strongly reccomend keeping it away from your vulva. The area is MUCH more sensitive than your hands...

You may want to try less pressure or aggression as it creates friction which isn't pleaseant on any part of your body. To reduce friction, you may want to introduce a water-based lubricant.
Is it ok to use vaseline??????

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