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Default I want to be everything for you

Your a gun to my head.
Your words want me dead.
Your comments are my poison.
twist them as you like, baby.
I hate your lies.
I Want To Cry,
Everytime i hear you lie.
isn't it funny how people can walk into a room and not notice the pain thats killing you?
its truely wonderful how fucking easy to hide everything
This pain is a stabbing knife.
This pain is my death.
This Love is my pain.
because you played me like a game.
I'm not trying to be there for you when you feel lonely.
If only i could wipe away those ever-so-sweet tears that fall from your crystal blue eyes. Maybe then it could all work.
Screaming untill your out of breath, but no one can hear you with all that water in your lungs. Your drowning. in a pubble of your own dreams. and no one even bothers to look in your general direction.
Your a problem. your worthless. You'll never be good enough.
You'll never be what they want.
because no matter how hard you try, you'll never be the one they give that look to.
Anger can build up untill the point of insanity.
you told me i can't give up, well thats bullshit baby. I'm Done. Broken untill the point of breaking. broke. [end]
i can't let it go if it was never mine.
Your words can be the biggest lie of them all. I can't even belive this is real. I watch your words; born from your soul and exacuted through your beautiful mouth; your lips. its surreal.
This Moment is insane. this moment is now. Now is the time.
Never look back. never regret. just never forget; your love is my addiction, and i still havn't had enough
How can you survive with a face like that; your so beautiful my eyes ache.
Your words are a lie like the life you live;
Your lies are my oxygen.
I can't go on like this; Broken untill the point of never-going-back.
Can you forgive me for the things i've done?
How can i accept my past []
your not good enough. you never will be; you never can be. They don't Want You.
The truth inside her is dead.

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.

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