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The two 30" moniors are proprietary, and the only company that can buy the G5 is Apple. The DDR2 eats up over $10,000 of the price. The fx4500 costs $1,800 per card. Apple sells it for only $1,650. I made a mistake, the Mac holds eight two gigabyte stics of ddr2 at 533 Mhz. They offer a non-ecc version of the ram for only $4,700, versus the $10,300 for the ECC ram. Each Apple Cinema HD display costs $2,500. They include firewire and usb ports and can support up to 2560*1600. I can't find any other 30" monitor that can handle that resolution on Newegg or Tigerdirect. It includes two sata 500GB hard drives at 7200rpms for $875, about $437 a piece. You can mirror them, or raid them together with iDisk. There are much more affordable MACS! PowerMacs are pretty rare, and they start at $2000. If you are poor, or just cheap, look at a Mac mini. They start at $600.

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