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^ignore the above post, it was meant to be a reply but I fucked up.

On to the main post. I use drugs because of my depression, it's worked the best for me, and I love the feelings more then being sober.
I've gone out of hands numerous times, I've been smoking marijuana daily for months at a time then quitting for a month or two due to probation for the past 5 years. More recently (1-2 years ago) I've gotten into some serious drug problems. I don't like to talk about it, but it's for the post I guess.

I got addicted to dextromethorphan (DXM; cough suppressant) which is a strong dissociative when used in high amounts. I would dex at least 3 times a week, and eventually binged every couple weeks. (Using it daily for a week at a time). Of course I would smoke weed daily through this all too.

I also got into opiates, I wouldn't do enough to get addicted, but when I did them I would do enough to achieve nod. I would usually do them once a week if I could, or whenever i got the chance.

When I dex'd I didn't do opiates much since I enjoyed tripping a lot more. But one time after a week and a half long DXM binge, 2 days after the binge I was an ignorant dumbfuck and decided to do morphine. I ended up overdosing and being found on the side of the road unconscious, going into respiratory depression, 30 minutes from dieing. I got sent to the ER and they pumped my stomach and I woke up 6 hours later in the hospital, it was scary, and not worth it.

I still do drugs now, I can't smoke weed due to rehab (I've been in and out of rehab inpatient and outpatient centers since the OD) I still do DXM and opiates. I know I should have learned my lesson, but the feeling just takes a hold of you. Once your relapse trigger hits it's all done.

Sorry for the long story, I hope someone spends their time reading this and chooses not to fuck up like I have.

Protip: Marijuana CAN/MIGHT lead to other drugs, be safe and responsible. Know your limits and have self control.

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