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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Well, I haven't been keeping up so I think I'll cover the last month...

Twelve, right leg, some lyrics etched into both thighs, heart on my shoulder, star on my hand, nine on my left arm, three on my left wrist.

Then today I have five on my left arm, most my usual moderate and then one was slightly deeper. See, this new psychologist is horrible. She proposed safeguarding the entire house. To me, that would be counterproductive because this is how I (unhealthily) escape suicide. So I'm fighting it. I just wouldn't do it so suddenly, that's the goal eventually, but it takes time, and they can't change a person who doesn't want to change... *sigh*

And I'm sorry I didn't build your walls. And I'm sorry I had to go and fall.
And I'm sorry I had the whole thing wrong. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
And I'm sorry that you are feeling small. And I'm sorry that I'm not used to crawling.
And I'm sorry the writing's on the wall. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
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