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Post Re: Puberty Surveys

Age -13
Height -5"
Circumsised -shea

How far are you through puberty? (in years) -2 years
Pre-Pubescent Hard length -........
Pre-Pubescent Hard girth -........
Flaccid length -2 inches
Flaccid girth -......
Hard length -2.5 inches
Hard girth -........
Happy with length? -no!
Happy with girth? -........
Desired Flaccid length -5 inches
Desired Flaccid girth -
Desired Hard Length -6 inches
Desired Hard Girth -

Does your Penis bend? -no erect........
In which Direction? -uppy lol
Alot, some or little -alot like straight up looking at the sky rofl
Does this concern you? -na its normal 4 me

When erect does you forskin pull back? -yesh
Do you have Spots on your penis? -nope
Does this concern you?ditto

When masturbating how long does it take to cum? -cant yet
Do you shoot or drip? -
What colour is your cum? -

Do you have pubic hair... (mark boxes with 'X' where appropriate)
Above the penis [x]
On the scrotum [x]
On the penis [x(a littlle)]
On Stomach []

Size of Glans (bell end, nob end)
Large (2-3 inches) []
Average (1-2 inches) []
Small (0-1 iches) [x]

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