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Default prom / girlfriend / date

just need a few opinions

i have a girlfriend, we've been together since september 2004 She's 17, i'm 16
okay so my prom is comming up. and i've been asked to go by some girls
i can't take my girlfriend cuz she's in the year above me and its only my year allowed.

basically i would like to go with someone, not because i want to chet on laura but because i would quite like not to be the guy without a date to prom.....i had a date, she was incredibly pretty, but my girlfriend made such a big thing about it i had to tell her i cudnt go to prom with her

so now i am dateless, against my will

i can compeltly understand why she doesnt want me to have a date. so im not angry and such at her for it

but i was wondering should i stay dateless, please her, and try and have a good time
or go with someone, piss off my girlfriend, but have a better time and feel generally happier on the night?

what do u think?

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