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Default Re: Puberty Surveys

Age -13
Height -4'4
Circumsised - No

How far are you through puberty? Haven't started yet
Pre-Pubescent Hard length -???
Pre-Pubescent Hard girth -???

Flaccid length - 2.1 inches
Flaccid girth - About 8 cm
Hard length - 3 inches
Hard girth - I think about 10 cm
Happy with length? - Not really
Happy with girth? - Nope
Desired Flaccid length - 5 inches atleast
Desired Flaccid girth - 1 inch atleast
Desired Hard Length - 5.5 inches atleast
Desired Hard Girth - 1 inch atleast

Does your Penis bend? - Yea
In which Direction? - Up
Alot, some or little - A little
Does this concern you? - No

When erect does you forskin pull back? - Yea
Do you have Spots on your penis? - No
Does this concern you? - No

When masturbating how long does it take to cum? No cum...dry orgasms
Do you shoot or drip? - N/A
What colour is your cum? - N/A
Do you have pubic hair...
Above the penis? - No
On the scrotum? - No
On the penis? - No
On Stomach? - No

Size of Glans? Small

I'm kinda embarassed, I'm the only one in my class who hasn't gone through puberty yet, and my thingeys kinda small...

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