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gee, ya think? come on cosmos, get a grip. Yes the firewalls (or rather the proxy extensions) that block out sites and such do have to do the same for staff as they do for the student. But in EVERY school with this system, there is at least one master account that can make and manage other accounts. Get into that account and u can make another account or edit some other account to have full privelleges. Then you will be able to log into the proxy server's administration site and allow some ratings or special sites to be accessible to your county (parish for Louisiana) because ALL proxy servers that operate for schools are ran by counties, not cities (with the exception of metropolitans). With these sites accessible, u can then access control for the program that is monitoring your school's actions and disable it's service or even uninstall it (but you would have to disconnect the LAN lines when doing it so that any computers do not keep the process running. Once the program is uninstalled, reboot the proxy server and reconnect the LAN lines. (this process would take around 20 minutes if u can hurry). These programs that monitor only have one module that can access the remote logs, so once u have uninstalled the main modules, the others will not function as they are only remotely controlled by the main module.

now, u little disturbed boy - cosmos, read that carefully and try to understand little tid-bits of it... because I know that's all u would ever understand!

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