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Originally Posted by koler
yeah, cuz they cant put food on the table with 850000 dollars a year
they want to go for the 85000000.
its so hard these days to put food on the table with 850000
I'm not talking about people earning fucking six figures am I. I'm talking about the bands who record a CD and then tour their asses of for years playing every night. Then they still only just scrape enough to get by. Those bands need the god damn money, and even then some of those just keep it underground for the music. There are thousands of bands who people know of, but they still only just pull in enough cash to get by. Some even still have day jobs for fucks sake.
If a band like that needs the money then they need the money, end of.
Originally Posted by Whisper
kolte you are soooooo self-righteous
who says they don't belive in there music?!?
what makes you think your better then the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of other people that love music fuck your arrogant
Damn straight. Music is an art yes, but it is a proffesion too, you have to see that.
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