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Default Re: musical choice

kolte you are soooooo self-righteous
who says they don't belive in there music?!?
what makes you think your better then the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of other people that love music fuck your arrogant

everythings always black and white with you -shakes head- dosen't work like that
YES they care about there music but they want to have a carrer to
they want money, they want to have power so they can change things
who can blaim them!
when we used to talk on msn you'd go on and on about how your going to be a millionare with the coffee franchise that you want(ed) to start
Theres nothing wrong with wanting to have money
how can you help others without it

every forum of art out there has to be balanced with what the people desire what the artist feels and what it costs to create
weither its paintings
fuck take ur pic

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