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only when something hurts or is so absolutly bizzare that you cant comprehend it in any it something to worry about.
if your penis is small....your probably what 13? 14? 15?
who the fuck really cares at that age?
your not sexually active, and if you are, then dude...what the fuck?
your just barely a teenager.
let things grow, and thrive, and then be off on your marry way.
dont sit there brooding about something that you have absolutly no control over.
the only way to just barely control it is to make sure you getting vitimins and nutrients.
just like your bones cant grow without calcium, your muscles without protien, you won't grow in puberty untill your get a wide varry of differnt vitimins.
zinc....its very important for you.
calcium....its very important too.
iron, protien, B and D.
get to work.

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