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if you want to listen to a musician that doesnt care about the music, that just cares about the fame and the money.
go ahead.
but i listen to music for the art, the beauty.
the skill involved.
it is a lifestyle.
i live my life by music.
and i think its sad when a band thats really deep and original.
changes there entire style to make more money.
and to comment about your coffee shop thing.
thats way different.
coffee is not an art, coffee is a drink, that people they can stay awake.
that particular industry thrives on consumers buying there coffee.
music is an art, which has a similer industrial consumer choice, however, its still an art.
something thats much deeper and more complex then you can comprehend.
truly blending the cords, and matching perfect with a lyrical depth that moves people is art.
picking a simple cord with a simple beat and a simple, cathcy but shallow lyric.....its shameful.

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