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Originally Posted by Ravenous
Its not selling their soul, and yes it is an art, but it is also a job. Just like being a painter is a job. Being musical is not a lifestyle...
It does annoy me when a band I like, changes so that what they play is different and I don't like it anymore.
But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to put food on the table. If the music is good who cares.
Such wisdom!

Music is a bussiness just like anything else
If it wasen't the industry wouldn't be nearly as big or powerful

If you’re running a business selling coffee
do you adapt to cater to the cliental survive and grow
or do you just go out and say I’m doing THIS and THIS only and watch the business die

Hell i'm glad they change because when they do more people like them
they touch more lives
help more teens
The music industry becomes even stronger
In Canada teens have allot of say in what happens with Much Music and MTV
it allows us to be herd

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