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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

oh bullshit, there has been a drop in business in america becuase of the bans.
maybe in canada you don't smoke much, but americans are big on tobacco.
and people need to stop blubbering about second hand smoke.
those people who die from it have had MASSIVE exposure to it for 30 years plus.
your not going to get cancer because you inhale smoke at a bar or dinner every now and then.
cancer is caused by compolsive irritation.
and yeah, smoking causes cancer.
but not in the numbers they say.
if that were the case, then the japanese would be dropping like flies from smoking related death.
and there not.
anti smokers go way to far with smoking being harmful.
yeah, it is.
but anything taken over a long period of time is.
and you say 400000 plus die a year from smoking.
but these are people that died from heart disease and cancer that smoked.
the smoking didnt necessarily cause the cancer or heart problems.
perhaps there lazy life style and eating habits had something to do with it.
stop complaining about something, thats not even a major threat.
instead of banning if from all public places, leave it to the owner of the shop.
its there property anyway.
they are LETTING you go there.
and if they say people can smoke, its not anyone elses property, people should be able to smoke there.

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