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Default Re: Bann On Public Smoking

Originally Posted by koler
Everywere you go now, public smoking is banned. And this pisses me off. What right does the government have to tell me i'm not allowd to smoke in public. People arent even allowed to smoke with minors in the car anymore, people arent allowed to smoke at work anymore. Whats next, no smoking alltogether. I am very angry with the current state of the united states. I'm about to amast a protest if things don't get better. Believe you me, I will amast a protest not only in my town, but in every major city in america, if I don't see these ridiculas laws repelled:
Just because you were stupid and started smoking dosen't give you the right to harm other people with that disgusting habit.
Smoking anywhere a minor has access to is illigal alberta wide Edmonton Vancouver Saskatoon and a few other citys are smoke free PERIOD including bars, pubs, etc...
I think its brilliant i'm sick and tired of having to hold my breath outside an entrance to a mall because theres all these fuckers puffing away
I'm sick of going into a bar or a resturant and leaving with my cloths just wrecking of smoke
I'm sick of breathing in that filth becuase other people are being selfish shits!
fuck that!!
You wanna smoke do it FAAAAAAAR away from anyone else
prefurably in a small unventilated room

not only that but its been PROVEN good for bussiness
bars are booming because there smoke free now

you want to slowly kill yourself kolte
be my fucking guest
but don't you dare get pissed off because FINALLY your not allowed to harm other people other CHILDREN aswell

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