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Default Re: American Education

Originally Posted by <NotTheUsualOne>
Well... school is pretty constraining...the seven hours a day spent in classes being told what to do...and most of the students have absolutely no interest in school because of it. I think that's why most student who dropout of school decide to dropout...because of lack of interest. (Although in some cases several reasons influence the decision.)

I think being the inflexibility of school makes it hard for students to be interested. Lucky for me, I live in a school district where you can complete high school in three different forms: day school, e-school, and school lessons through correspondence, all three of which I plan to use...

In my state, a student can leave school on their sixteenth birthday with a parent-supervised conference with the principal and a school waiver signed by the parents. Some states allow students to leave school at 14, some make students wait until age 18. Whatever the case may be, when a student is forced into going and has no choice, it is constraining. Students DO need education, but there are many ways educational experiences can happen.

I don't go to school. I'm an independent learner...meaning, I decide what I learn, when, and how I learn it...and this is perfectly legal. The school district officials don't want parents or students knowing this, though. According to the U.S. Constitution, a "man is not required to send his child to school of which he is opposed." But, the parent must provide an education for the child.

I will start taking online classes this summer, and I will go back to school in the fall of '07.

The American Educational system leaves a lot to be desired, but with limited funding of education, nothing can be done.

Ah man, I wanna be an independant learner as well. School isn't working for me. Homework doesn't work for me, even when I actually do it. If I could set up the way I'd be taught, learning would be great. But there's no one to tutor me.

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