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Default Re: American Education

sdnalednas*~ I live in the richest province in Canada our education system is aperantly the best in the country (hard as hell)
It dosent matter
they still arent teaching you what you NEED to know inorder to survive

Originally Posted by c0mpu73rfr34k
Well, I do agree with you on that they are teaching us things that we would most likely never use in real life, for example; Art, History, Religion.

Although I live in Canada I share your pain. I go through school everyday, going through 40 minutes of french everyday.. Its hell. I will definately never use French in my life since I dislike the whole culture with a passion. The only neccesary subjects there are in my opinion are math, science, and english. Thats it..
here here!
fuckin french
nobody likes Quebec

I agree though schools are pathedic they never teach you anything useful i mean jesus look at shakespear
Thank god I only took french up to grade four I didn't have to take it once i moved
They say universitys are just as bad and allot of employers now are looking more towards students that went to college because a college has ALLOT of hands on real world practise where a university its all theory they give you a book to read...

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