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Hey guys... just recently I wrote a poem about my bf and i and how he has helped me seek the best out of the most horrible situation/scenario possible! and I just thought I would post it to get feed back and see what you guys think... here goes nothing!

Untitled Love
Her way of crying
Wasn't like any other
Her life was shattered
She was a cutter
It'd been like this for about three years
In school she was rejected
while at home she was neglected
It was a battle she'd never win
Every day cutting again
Never stopping never caring
Because the pain was so unbaring
She didn't see how bad she hurt
The people that did love her
Then one day you threatened me
That if I didn't come to see
That you're there and that you care
That we'd no longer be
So I stopped losing blood in fear of losing you
And now I see I love you! and you love me too

I loved him and then he left bringing every bit of reality back into the nightmare of living another day without him.
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