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Default Nothing to Lose

Alright this is a fictional narrative. In otherwords a NOT TRUE narrative. Just wanted to establish that before you label me mentally insane.

Nothing To Lose

It was true. I had nothing to lose. Nothing at all. And that was just fine with me because it could give me time to observe the lives of other people. They had it all. Everything was to be lost to them. Something went terribly wrong in my life that I just couldn’t help but to think “am I to late?” To late to turn back to my old days. The days that my life actually meant something to me. I was tired of those ungrateful people to be alive. They had to realize not to take advantage of their precious gift of life. For example... a scam artist. He spends all of his effort into conning others to buy faulty products. This is what he does with his precious gift of life?
When I went to the doctors office the other day he gave me the dreaded news. I had cancer. So that was it. I had squirmed like a bug on a pin and wasted my life completely. So many lost souls out there, so adrift, so lost, so arrogant and unappreciative. Another example... those pot smoking teenagers out there in the ally. This is what they do? They smoke the precious gift of life that was being denied me?
I never saw what was coming next. My best friend, John, was dead. He slashed his wrists. What in the hell is wrong with him!? I thought to myself. Then I came to a conclusion that I thought I would never come to. I was going to correct those who were so arrogant out there. I was going to make it so they were great full of the gift that was being denied me. I would make them suffer. So I killed myself... but I didn’t die! I knew now what my purpose was and I was going to take advantage of the time I had left on this hell hole to make others realize how great life was. But it took work - hard work. I discarded of my meals, denied sleep. I educated myself of the necessary requirements I would need to accomplish what I called my mission. The chosen would meet me not personally, but they would meet me. The chosen would be the ones who would have the lucky privilege of using my new tools and gadgets. Everything has been tested and all of it has worked so far. My life wasn’t supposed to turn out this way... I was supposed to make a difference... and now I will!! Things are going to change. And they won’t be pleasant for the ones who are chosen. They will be rather painful and it will hurt. I will most certainly make a difference - maybe not one that will effect the entire world... but one that will effect the six chosen ones... but it will only mainly effect the one remaining. I will make a difference...dead or alive. The one remaining shall be my heir...the one to do my work for me when I am dead.
For years now I have been constantly ridiculed and condemned for just being me...for just being the way I wanted to be...and now cancer has come to kill me. I will be damned for the work I am about to do. Hell does not scare me anymore. Now that I am making my stand...the joke is on them. They will be the ones being constantly ridiculed and me. Oh no...I am not afraid...I am not afraid of my certain death and damnation. I am not afraid of hell or the devil. I have nothing to lose.
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