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Default Re: The Immigration Debate in the United States

o.k. I've thought about it and have come up with this:
it is true that the united states is being flooded with illegal immigrants.
some experts estimate there to be 12 million puls living in the united states today.
I understand the effect this is having on our economy.
so what i support is....instead of kicking out 12 million hard working people and completly destroying our economy, we should instead, forget out those allready living here, let them gain citizenship etc like normal.
we should (i know it sounds bad but let me finish) control the populas comming into our country by making a fence on each border, and patroling it.
people would then be forced to enter by legal means, and thus, we could control the population of immigransts much better then we have been.
the united states is one of the most powerful countries in the word, yet we have some of the weakest borders.
this is rather disturbing to me, i don't know about you.

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