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Hello (First post by the way!), I'm Agnostic. There are two reasons why:

My first reason is: I have a deep interest in theology and use this particular belief to remain unbiased in my study. Contrary to the opinions that certain people have previously expressed in response to the poll, I believe that religion is a beautiful thing as it inspires art, the mind and above all: dialogue.

My second is: I see truths and faults in both theism and atheism (As atheism lacks a defined dogma, I refer to the scientific principles most characteristic of atheists, such as evolution). Expanding on evolution in particular; the evolution of the bat from some land-bound animal is difficult to imagine. If not for the questionable environmental pressures that might have caused the bat to so become what it is today (such as able to fly), the transitionary animal (for the lack of a better term) would have been outfitted with wings yet unable to fly and thus (most likely) would have become extinct through the process known as natural selection.
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