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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

No offense intended, but I'm actually not christian so could you please not drag religion into this? It's just kind of annoying when people bring up religion in a place it shouldn't be mentioned.

18, 2 on my left peck, 2 on my right arm, 7 on my right wrist, (these are shallow the rest are medium deep,) and 7 on my right bicep. I didn't want to start on my arms but after I caved last night I just figured in for a penny in for a pound.
no problemm.Well if you dont believe in god it doesnt matter its not the point think in your parents that gave you your life ;they work FOR U ,they paid you all the things you have, they give you love they give u a place to live and many other things...
at least think in that.... be grateful


I do Tae Kwon Do twice a week (except the school has been closed for the last two weeks) heh, and my cutting has been worse over those two weeks..
But at home, I don't have anything to punch except wood.. and that's not a good idea, I've already dislocated my fingers several times..

i did tae kwon do too.its not the same... boxing is better trust me
however i also believe that tae kwondo is useful but for me boxing is better.

i suggest you to buy punching bag
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