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Pink eye in both eyes, possible and rather commen. Dry eyes are another possibility, it can be rather awful when you don't have any saline if you have a bad case. I'll dicuss it with my mother and get back to you. GO to a dr.

I discussed it with my mother, she said right off the bat when I asked, "what would make eyes red and irritating all the time" She said Dry Eye Syndrome, and then said the name of a perscription that started with an F but what it does it restore the Ph balence in you eyes. It could also be a clogged tear duct, but that would only affect one eye. How long have they been like that, perhaps it is pink eye in both eyes. If you go to a physican they will send you to an eye specilist anyway because they wouldnt be able to make a proper diagnosis and just in case it was something more severe they wouldnt wanna get sued. So perhaps look on google and see what you can find so you can properly explain to your dr. all the problems you are having.

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