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Default Re: The Immigration Debate in the United States

Originally Posted by basketballkid92
Not true and anyways, what's wrong with Mexico. Why is it bad that they come here and make more money than they did back in there home country????????
Did I ever say that they shouldn't be here to make a living? No. I welcome all immagrants to come and make as much money as possible. It's the illegals that should not. That is just it. They are ILLEGAL. If anyone wants to come here they can come here LEGALY like everyone else. Not jump a fence and leach off of our education, medical, and welfare systems.

Originally Posted by koler
Oh please, if you cant get a job because of a mexican, then you should get more qualifed, don't bitch because your uneducated.
You possibly can't think Mexicans are hired because they are more qualified than Americans, do you? Do you realize why they are hired? Because an employer would rather pay an illegal, say 3 dollars an hour, where as an American who is legal, would get payed 7 due to minimun wage laws. Now what would you rather do? I would bet you would take the illegal immigrant who is not documented, and there for you don't have to abide by the minimum wage laws. It's not because Americans are lazy and Mexicans are hard working. And you know damn well I am right.

[qouote=koler]And america is based on immigration and diversity, its a combination of many different cultures, and just because white culture is most prominent, doesnt mean its the best, the mexican one is just as good.[/quote]
um... ok?
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