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the 2nd and sadly last part, as i don't want post anymore in case someone nicks it lol, so enjoy the taster and i pray it get published on day!

She fell back onto the rot ridden floor in shock. Still shaking she stood up weary of the time, five minutes remained of the break and she must get back to her post at the till, smoothing over her ruffled clothes she crept across the shop, and pulled herself on to the comfortable chair. Pulling out a book, she propped it up with an interested look on her face, she turned the pages. Her mind constantly reliving the event that had just happened.

The Eye clung silently to the edge of a bookshelf. Bending downwards it leaps across the isle, it sharp legs sinking into the wood with ease. The eye spun rapidly, focusing in sharply on the book it seeks. Jumping down gracefully, in bounds energetically towards the volume, leaping up onto the front cover. Examining the cover closely, the creature seems satisfied with its achievement. Its spiders like legs expand outwards clawing its way around the book. Its talon like legs then proceeded to crush the book, crumbling it inwards, leaving a small mesh of paper which it hold delicately in its front two pincers.

Its eye swivels quickly around the murky room, catching onto a small crack on the left hand side. Bouncing from bookcase to bookcase it reaches the edge of the room. Its careful eye gazes at the room containing the young girl one more time, before climbing into the enhanced sunlight. A harpy sweeps down its leather bound wings beating unevenly, snatching the crushed book in its deadly talons, it lunches its body inwards. Flying ungracefully though the grimy depths of the poor region, before spiralling upwards to the middle class region, sliding nibble under a transporters train, he continues his journey upwards in to the grand splendour of the upper class region. Gliding effortlessly though the perfectly cut hedges, he turns lazily and with a beat of his deformed wings, speeds towards the black witches castle in glee.

Chapter two
The black witch

The black witch stood, gazing on her city with pride. Her glassy eyes beneath a high rimmed hat of dark black, which matched her, stood of the same colour. Her shinny black locks sank to her shoulders, a sharp contrast to her pure white skin. The Smokey depths of the poorer district seemed so distant, the dull landscape of the middle class district was blurred and far off, only the gleaming surface of the richer districts were clear to her, a small smile graced her icy face. There was a sharp rap on the door, turning around she saw her servant enter. His limps stretched to twice there original length and his face long and thin, he was identical to the other servants she employed.
“The book you required, mistress”
“Thank you” she snapped pointing at the table next to her, he left without making eye contact with her.

Picking up the cursed book between her sharp nails, she gently murmured a hymn of some kind, slowly the book regained it’s an original shape. After several moments the book looked new and untouched in her hand. She attempts to open it only to find the volume covers reluctant to open. Not worried by this predicament, she flicked her longest nail and used the ink now dribbling from, the tip to draw a symbol on the books clear cover. When finished she placed her hand firmly on top of it and closed her eyes, a flicker of effort appeared on her face, disappearing instantly. Sacrifice she touched the book and it sprang open. Her eyes widened in anger, as she flicked through the blank pages of the book. She snapped her fingers viciously and a servant scuttled in.
“Get me Tomeo, NOW!”

The black witch strode across the clear white room. The door opened and Tomeo, the harpy, entered humbly.
“You requested me, mistress”
The witch turned and looked at him in distaste.
“Oh you’ll have to do more then call me misses to get out of this one, you stupid little creature. Didn’t it pass though minute brain to check the book before delivery this book to check there was something in it!”
The harpy continued to look down, ashamed.
“Well Mis…erm…you did say…”
“Oh so it’s my fault now is it, well we can’t have that come here and you be ruler of this city”
The harpy ugly face looked confused. One glare from the witch, he skidded over towards her, her hand whipped up to his neck and broke it swiftly.
“Always said you were Spineless” she spat as his body feel with a thud.
“Get me the eye that got this, now!”

A servant hurried out of the room with hast. While the remaining ones easily scooped up the copse, there long limbs easily wrapping around the body. She turned the deserted pages carefully. Murmuring quietly to herself, after several moments she slammed the book close violently.
“Someone must have got to the book first and absorbed its powers, interesting.”
“Yes mistress” the servant inserted briefly.
“Oh please, you don’t even know what I am talking about” she said, spinning on her heal, a crooked smile on her face. Her hand twisted crushing an invisible object evilly; the servants face turned deep red, before exploding in a shower of red blood, expanding outwards, before splattering onto the polished floor.
“Now look what you made me do, people are going to think I’m mean” she purred defensively, she flicked her hair in disaffection she looked pointy at another servant who quickly scrubbed the floor.

As the servant removed the last drop of drying blood from the floor, another slinging the dead servant over his shoulder, a sharp rap at the door, informed the servants to make there exit, scrapping the last part of brain cleanly from the surface he swooped up and left with the rest. Two men entered with a senior servant holding out the offending eye.
“General and vicar” the witch looked bemused “how pleasant to see you two again, I suppose your here about the book, can’t keep anything quiet in this face” she said, her icy eyes fiery with hidden rage.
She gentle placed her fingers around the eyes base, her sharp fingers gently stroking it; suddenly her fingers tighten slicing the eye off its spider-like legs. The legs shrivelled and died instantly, but the eyes still gazed upwards in fear. The general and vicar looked onwards, interested but keeping there distance from the witch, until she had beaconed them over. The witched sensed this, amused, she gestured kindly to them, her index finger causally calling them forward. They glanced meekly at each other and stepped forward.

The witch had occupied herself pouring various unknown substances into a sliver pot and her foot, holding the horrified eye in her other hand.
“So what is your purpose of coming here gentlemen, I did not call you, so you must have some important information for me or otherwise you wouldn’t have come, uninvited” she said, her tone now cold and metallic.
“Madame” the general bellowed stepping bravely forward. “We merely thought you would need assistance in the current situation.”
“Are you suggesting I cannot handle this situation?”
The vicar gulped worriedly; taking a deep breath he joined the general.
“He didn’t mean any offence…” he began.
“Don’t talk to me like am an insolent child, you stupid little man, I have already killed two worthless souls today and just because you wear a cross doesn’t mean I will hesitate in destroying you also.”
The vicar and general recoiled backwards.
“Oh please, now I am going to find out just what happened, unless you have any useful to say don’t speak, in fact just don’t speak” she commanded, her eye bows raised.
Dropping a cube of pure white particles into the pot, a bust of ruby red flames swelled out of it, followed slowly a greenish fog drifting aimlessly.
“God, so predictable” the witch whispered, turning to the standoffish men she smiled warmly. “Here we go” she said with a quick wink.
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