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Default Re: The Immigration Debate in the United States

Originally Posted by koler
And many illegal immagrints come from nasty situations and there trying to better there lives and the lives of there families.
Good for them. But if they want to be accepted into this society, then do it the proper way.

It really kills me that the illegals come here and they are hired and they are making probably a shitload more than they did in there homeland, but yet they still protest and bitch and moan and want to turn America into little mexico. They expect us to change for them?! I don't fuckign think so.

Another thing that kills me is everyone waving their home flags during these rallies. Now I understand people like to show where they are from and are proud of where they are from and their heritage, but god damn it, you're in America! Wave the American Flag, not Mexico where you were once living in a cardboard box.
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