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Default Re: Antidepressant Help

Hiya. i've been on 3 difrent anti depressants, so far none of them i like at all.
first: effexor.
i HATE this anti depressant. it made me incredibly dizzy and anti social. i couldn't even walk straight and my mind was EVERYWHERE i could think of just one thing at a time. i don't know of any sexual effecs of this drug but it did make me very anti social all i wanted to do was go home an sleep.
my sister is on it and it worls for her so i don't know about that><

This drug made me very shaky. literaly. my hands wouldn't stop shaking and same with my jaw. i studdered a lot, wasn't very sure about what i was saying as i was saying it and made me very unsure about myself.

i don't know what antideppresant i'm on now (wasn't paying attention when the doctor was talking) but it does make me a little shaky but generally works for me. i started having great days at school, and it didn'tfeel like forced happyness like paxil did.

origanlly they wanted me to take prozac (before effexor) but i've heard to many bad thigns about it, and my close friends mom was on it, got addicted, was taken off it, and killed herself because she said she couldn't live w/o it.

hope i helpt.

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