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Default Re: Brokeback Mountain

Originally Posted by str8c_boy
what do u like bout dat movie so much?
Just noticed your post after my reply to kevins. A movie like this is just doesn't come around that often. Have you heard of a funny movie coming and winning an Oscar? (Haven't seen Scary Movie 4, but everyone gives it bad reviews) It's so sad, and plus it's revolutionary. This was a low budget movie with no animations, based in 1963. Ennis was scared of being killed because of something he saw in his childhood, and couldn't take the risk. They couldn't be together because Ennis' fear of society. Jack just wanted to live with Ennis. This is just like real life here. It WAS 1963. Not just some made up fairy-tale like Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast. It wasn't where two people meet on a mountain, they fall in love, get forced apart, then reunited, living happily ever after. It was a 20-year affair. All of this stuff in the movie would of happened in real life. I am always behind this movie and I am getting emotional as I type this. I love this movie so much because it's not fake. It's real. Real enough. And if unaccepting religious people are going to come in here and criticize it, then I want this topic moved to the debate forum.
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